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This property might pay kekak.лукошкоживыхпродуктов.рф a little more to be in this Program. Moscow – Show on map within a 3-minute walk of Rechnoy Vokzal Metro Station. On Saturday September 23rd following the check Presentation at UC Berkeley, Beto and I submitted the request to GoFundMe to release funds. PROJECT ARA With Project Ara, Google is trying to find a way for you to, in the future, use the hardware of your phone the same way you today use apps for your. Gerhard Richter Interview: In Art We Find Beauty and Comfort. from Louisiana Channel PRO. 2 years ago “I don’t really believe art has power. But it does have value. This is "Как вставить магнитную кнопку в войлочную сумку. Ольга Демьянова" by Elena Kuznetsova on Vimeo, the.

You change apps on the go.

You buy the apps that you need. For hardware, this means allowing you to enhance your smartphone experience by offering a structural base of a phone. These modules can be inserted and removed at any time, even while the device is powered on.

Consumers will be able to configure all the enhancements they want for their own custom device, and buy additional modules through the Ara open marketplace. For more info go to the Project Ara website.

A design concept to show the designers creative spirit while also pointing out the direction of product evolution and help shape the future. Current Status: Concept.

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  • The image shows modules for battery, main board and camera. Where the screen is fixed on the main board. Though the image since publication has been retracted. We can only assume that Xiaomi, being one of the worlds largest mobile phone makers, are closely monitoring the modular revolution and getting a product ready.

    The idea behind the phone is to have a reliable device that is easy to upgrade and repair. It is equipped with Open Source code for reliable auditing and community support. Three easily replaceable and customizable modules allow upgrades and on-the-fly, easy repairs.

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    And The Heart - holding the battery and a secondary set of electronics that can be developed according to user needs. Current Status: In development. For more info visit the PuzzlePhone website. It all started when the founders both saw the original Phonebloks video and decided that they had to take part in the modular revolution. The plan is to release three starter versions of the phone. The basic model Pilot, budget friendly with two batteries for a lengthy battery time.

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    Resolution, a camera and storage heavy version for all Instagramers out there. And, HiFi for audiophiles. It was succesfully funded on Indiegogo in However, the website and Indiegogo page have both been pulled down due to Trust and Safety issues and it is unknown when it will become available for sale again.

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    Current Status: Unknown. For more info go to the Fonkraft website.

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    They open up supply chains to understand how things are made and build stronger connections between people and their products. Modular components slot into the back and can be easily replaced. To help it last longer, the phone also features high-quality components and innovations like an integrated protective case.

    Current Status: Orders available now! Motorola was the company that initiated the Make With MoTo Tour, a pan America car tour that helped them understand that people want to be able to customize their phones.


    During both of these endeavors they were owned by Google. So, for that, we salute them! Over the course of nearly a year they worked closely with us at Phonebloks and the Phonebloks community for the development of not one, but two Project Ara sound-bloks. Getting help from the Phonebloks community on each step of the design process they not only totally emerged themselves in modularity but also in open innovation and crowd development.

    And for that, we salute them! What about a modular smartwatch? Said and done the guys slowly but surely started working towards their goal of the best modular wearable there can ever be. They have over the passed two years gone from certainty to certainty and are now about to embark on a crowdfunding campaign that will lead to a public release.

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    We totally love what these guys are doing and for that, we salute them! IFIXIT Apart from aiming to drive the development of modular consumer electronics forward, one of the cornerstones of Phonebloks is helping to reduce the electronic waste streams. One major way to do this is to repair your broken electronics instead of throwing them away.

    This is where iFixit comes in. Acknowledging the fact that many brands and distributors have ceased to offer repairs, instead opting for whole widget replacement, iFixit provides us, the consumers, with manuals and easy step by step guides on how to repair our broken electronics.

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    In the process creating jobs and helping the environment. MODR Creating modular cases. KEIN Producing a modular speaker system. Now licensing the technology to other companies. Starting with a glucose meter for diabetics at Project Ara. PuzzlePhone is a modular smartphone, made in Finland, build to last.

    This phone is developed by a Finnish start-up, called Circular Devices.


    PuzzlePhone is a modular smartphone developed by a Finnish start-up, called Circular Devices, founded by Spanish engineer Alejandro Santacreu. On Twitter, Joseph Kim, the founder of Hearts, has shown the 3.

    We gave our idea to the world. Hoping to inspire the industry to open up their electronics Companies that are currently contributing to a modular future.

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    One Education Infinity, a modular laptop for children and Why Modularity makes a lot of sense for smartwatches? Where will modularity bring us?

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  • Tomas Halberstad, PhonebloksAs